Mum shares daughter’s genius response to school bully

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The school playground can be a brutal place, but one mum has shared a simple solution her daughter used to fend off a horrible bully.

Posting to parenting forum Mumsnet, the user named WaitroseCoffeeCostaCup revealed her daughter had been getting mercilessly bullied, including taunts over her being adopted.

“My Daughter is at an age where some of the girls at school have started being nasty to one another in the playground,” wrote the mum.

One mum has shared the simple sentence that silences bullies. Photo: Getty

“My Daughter has always been wonderfully quirky, with a heart for justice and the kindest, most empathetic person I've ever known.

“[She's] old beyond her years (in a beautifully old lady way-she's recently taken to wearing her reading glasses on a chain round her neck.”

The proud mum shared her daughter's epic comeback online. Photo:

Admitting her incredible daughter was more angry than upset over the taunts, the mum decided to dish out some advice to help her daughter quieten the bullies for good – and it worked spectacularly well.

“I told her what I thought might be a good way to quieten the bullies and today my 9 year old loudly replied to one 'I'm sorry, did you MEAN to be so rude?!'

“Apparently other children burst out laughing and said bully stropped off. I like to think with a cats bum face.”

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The mum’s quick wit and her daughter’s bravery in standing up to the bully was a hit, with commenters quick to applaud them both.

“Brilliant! Your daughter sounds wonderful,” wrote one. “I hope she always keeps that great attitude.”

“One of my mates when I was little was adopted. She used to say, 'I was CHOSEN. You were just HAD,” added another. “Go, wonder girl, go.”

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