My Attitude About Exercise: I Want Results!

This is my attitude about exercise: If I am going to commit the time to exercise, I want to see results!

I know so many people that workout so much, for so little. Not me. When I exercise, I make every effort count. My exercise is efficient, well-planned and results-oriented.

Walking is one of my favorite exercises because I can do it anywhere and at any time. And I know how to "walkout," not just walk (walkout = walking workout). I use training tools, like my weighted Walkvest®, to burn more calories and increase all of the benefits of walking. I vary my training schedule so that my body never adapts, and I enlist a training partner, or use music to keep it motivating and fun.

This is a sample workout week:

  • 2-3 relatively short, relatively intense training days. For example:

a) a 30-40 minute walk in my weighted Walkvest®, wearing 8 lbs of extra weight while keeping my pace fast enough so that my breathing is too intense to carry on a conversation, but not so intense that I can not keep the pace for 30-40 minutes.

b) 20-30 minutes of walk/jog, where I go out in my neighborhood and I walk fast for 2 minutes, then I jog for 2 minutes. Both the walk and the jog keep my heart rate high enough that 20-30 minutes feels like plenty.

c) With 4-6 lbs in my Walkvest®, I do a 30-40 minute strenuous hike (I am lucky enough to have hills nearby), or find stairs that I can incorporate into my walking regime (5-10 sets of 20 stairs), or include 5-10 sets of 20 walking lunges in my walkout.

  • 1-2 longer, not as intense, training days. For example:

a) 40-50 minutes of walking strong and steady (wearing 4-6 lbs in my Walkvest) with a training partner (someone who is at least as strong as me, maybe even stronger). We pace each other, chat a bit, and plan our next walk before we are finished so that we stay committed and on schedule.

b) iPod loaded with my favorite music, I go for 45 minutes or so, and keep a steady, but not-too-strenuous, pace.

  • 1 long day. For example:

a) I go for a long (longer than 60 minutes) hike or scenic walk. Try a "real estate" walk where you go to a neighborhood with beautiful homes and gardens and you walk for over an hour.

This 4-6 day schedule will get you super fit super fast.

*Of course using a Walkvest is optional - if you vary your exercise routine as I recommend, I assure you greater results from your training.

Peace and Happy Trails-
Debbie Rocker

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