Dan and Gemma booted off MKR

Emma Shepherd

It was the most intense face off My Kitchen Rules has ever seen, with one team achieving perfection and the other sent packing during a sudden death cook off on Tuesday night.

Unfortunately cricket fanatics Dan and Gemma just didn't cut the mustard, getting the boot after serving up chewy lamb alongside a mediocre entrée.

"It was a less than perfect dish," Pete said about the lamb.

Pete and Manu didn't look too impressed with Dan and Gemma's lamb main. Source: Seven
Both the judges and the table said their lamb was very tough. Source: Seven

"The meat was tough," Manu added. "I was disappointed with the jus, mine was very fatty."


And unfortunately for them most of the table felt the same way.

Jess and Emma said it was almost impossible to digest as it was so tough. Source: Seven
Nic also agreed with the critiques around the table saying it was in fact quite chewy. Source: Seven
Dan and Gemma unfortunately were kicked out of the competition. Source: Seven

"The lamb is really tough," Emma said.

"It just wasn't cooked enough and their meat was a bit tough," Nic agreed.

So it was no surprise when the final scores came in and they were beaten by Emily and Alex by a whopping 28 points.

The pair even received a perfect score, earning a 10 out of 10 for their bone marrow entrée.

"It was genius, Pete said.

"Top three of my favourite dishes in the competition so far," Manu added agreeing.

Luck was on Emily and Alex's side after taking out the win with an extra 28 points overall. Source: Seven

Farewell Dan and Gemma, you're cricket puns will be greatly missed.

To keep up to date with all the MKR action, watch My Kitchen Rules Wednesday night at 7:30 on Channel Seven.

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