MKR's most explosive feud begins

Emma Shepherd

It's the most controversial series of My Kitchen Rules we've ever seen, with it being less about the food and dishes created and more about the drama around the dinner table.

And tonight it was truffle farmers Henry and Anna's turn to cook in the ultimate dinner party cook-off, with the chance to score the $250,000 prize money and take home the win.

But unfortunately for them, the night turned out to be less about the dishes they served up and more about the explosive digs Sonya and Hadil threw at sisters Jess and Emma.

Hadil didn't hold back her feelings about Jess and Emma's cook from Monday night. Source: Seven

"Alright honey blowfish," Hadil yelled. "Who the f*** do you think you are?"

After Jess was trying to explain to the table that the ultimate dinner cook is harder than they thought, Hadil didn't hold back her opinions.

"We are feeling for Henry and Anna today if it was anything like our experience," Jess told the table. "It was absolutely indescribable.”

Sisters Jess and Emma were very shocked over Sonya and Hadil's comments. Source: Seven

"You had seafood on your menu and you didn’t deliver cooked seafood," Sonya interjected.

"They'll definitely beat 52," Hadil added. "We work harder than you so we will be alright."

"Why don't you think we work hard? I take offense to that," Emma replied, while the whole table watched on in awkward silence while sipping their drinks.

Hadil said that Henry and Anna will definitely beat the girls' score of 52. Source: Seven

“Get to our level darling but if you are the princesses then we are the queens," Hadil yelled.

"When you can cook as good as us then you can talk," she continued. "We will beat 52 with our eyes closed."

"I'm yet to try nice food from you," Jess snapped back.

"I’d be quiet since you got 52," Hadil said. "Put your tail between your legs where it belongs love."

Sonya and Hadil weren't happy with what the girls served them either, voicing their opinion at the dinner table. Source: Seven
The feud between the girls got so bad that the judges had to intervene. Source: Seven

The fight and tension at the table got so bad that both the judges had to interject.

"Ladies please show some respect," Pete said.

"Let's not fight here right now, and start talking about the food," Manu added.

To see the explosive end to this feud watch My Kitchen Rules at 7:30pm on Seven on Wednesday.

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