The catfight that will change MKR for good

Alicia Vrajlal

There's been tension between some of the teams on My Kitchen Rules throughout this season.

And if the latest MKR promo is anything to go by, tension reaches boiling point in Thursday night's episode.

The clip shows opponents Olga and Jess going head-to-head in a war of words, that leaves a ripple effect on the rest of the contestants.

The latest My Kitchen Rules promo shows Jess not happy with some of the other contestants. Source: Channel Seven

"Olga were you impressed by any of these desserts?" judge Pete Evans firstly asks.

We're then shown a quiet Olga hesitating, before a piece-to-camera shows Jess weighing in on the situation.

It seems Olga is her big rival. Source: Channel Seven

"Wait, let me guess. Olga is not impressed," she then sarcastically says to the camera.

"I held your back long enough, I’m going," Jess then tells her sister Emma, hinting she's about to let Olga know what she really thinks.

As Olga says she doesn't like the food, Jess launches into a swearing tirade, before other teams try to lower the heat.

"It’s all out war at the table, and one team will get caught in the crossfire," a voiceover projects, and that's right, there is more drama.

Contestant Suong is then seen storming out of the dinner party.

Is she leaving MKR for good? One thing's for sure, none of the MKR stars will be able to forget what goes down tonight, and things will change forever.

All will be revealed when My Kitchen Rules airs at 7:30pm on Channel Seven.

Meanwhile Suong walks out. Source: Channel Seven

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