MKR's Georgie and Alicia's blow-up with judges

Emma Shepherd

The competition on this season of My Kitchen Rules hit boiling point on Wednesday night.

Even after the top 10 teams were taken to Wet And Wild for their cooking challenge, things didn't seem to cool down, and the question remained, who made a splash on the barbie and who took the plunge back to elimination house?

Unfortunately Georgie and Alicia's barbecue dish of honey soy chicken wings and aioli just didn't cut the mustard, leaving judges Pete and Colin confused and outraged once again that their previous feedback fell on deaf ears.

Georgie and Alicia looked shocked while the judges gave their feedback from the day. Source: Seven
Colin and Pete were disappointed with the girls and their food pairings. Source: Seven

"I never want to eat that again," Colin said, adding, "the favours just didn't work together".

"It didn't work for me ladies," Pete added.


The challenge involved group two cooking exciting food on a barbecue for 100 hungry pool-goers who then had to score their dishes.

"Georgie and Alicia, you know your way around a barbecue," Pete said at the beginning of the day.

"We are actually looking forward to this challenge," Alicia replied. "I think this is one of the easier one's we'd had to do so we are looking forward to it."

Georgie and Alicia's dish of honey soy chicken wings and aolli was a big miss with the public and the judges.

But unfortunately the girls ate their words after failing to impress the public and the judges during the course of the day.

"Honey soy chicken and aioli," Colin proclaimed, "I never want to eat that again".

"Girls, we had this conversation in the last challenge about finding cuisines and flavours that work together," Pete added.

"The flavours just didn't work together girls," Colin said. "I just don't grasp the concept of your dish at all."

Pete didn't hold back when giving the girls feedback from the day's cooking challenge. Source: Seven
Colin agreed with Pete that their flavours just didn't work well together. Source: Seven
The unusual dish sent the girls to elimination house. Source: Seven

Georgie and Alicia's meal was unfortunately the worst dish of the day, sending them to face the sudden death cook-off at elimination house.

But who will join them? To find out if the girls sink or swim in the next elimination challenge and to see who will cook against them, stay tuned and watch My Kitchen Rules at 7:30pm on Channel Seven.

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