MKR's Jess and Emma crack under pressure

Emma Shepherd

My Kitchen Rules' ultimate instant restaurant dinner parties have begun, with Sydney's Jess and Emma kicking off the competition round in style on Monday night's episode.

However the season's princesses seemed to crash and burn, leaving a bad taste in everyone's mouths after failing to impress the judges and other teams with their less than average entrées, mains and desserts.

"Your arancini is bland," Pete confessed after tasting their entrée. "Your sauce was reduced too much, it was bordering on unpleasant."

Pete and Manu were left very unimpressed with Jess and Emma's dishes. Source: Seven
The girls were left in hot water after failing to impress the judges. Source: Seven

"You gave me below than average," he continued.

And it wasn't just Pete who was disappointed with the quality of the dishes. Manu was also left impartial to their second entrée of scallops with cauliflower purée and chorizo.

"The scallops weren't sealed properly," Manu admitted, adding, "the presentation was a little bit ridiculous".

"It was average, and average isn't good enough for this round," he added.

And unfortunately for them it wasn't just the judges that were left dissatisfied, with many contestants around the dinner table throwing around critical remarks.

"Scallops are a bit chewy," Alex told the viewers.

"This is very bad," Nic whispered to Alex.

Nic found the arancini less than palatable. Source: Seven

The MKR villains Sonya and Hadil didn't remain tight-lipped when questioned what they thought of the entrée.

"The scallops were undercooked," Sonya told the table.

"I don't know what the carrots were doing on the plate," Hadil added.

Sonya and Hadil weren't happy with what the girls served them either, voicing their opinion at the dinner table. Source: Seven

Meanwhile, the girls took the judges' critiques like professionals and went back into the kitchen to work on their mains.

"We really want to push the boundaries tonight," Jess said. "We want to show the judges that we are growing and that we aren't beige."

But unfortunately for them, they started feeling the heat in the kitchen and nothing was going to plan.

Their Moreton bay bugs became burnt and their lamb shank dish looked like a big mess on the plate.

Jess couldn't contain her emotions and started uncontrollably crying. Source: Seven

"Everything is falling a part," Jess cried. "Stop crying!" Emma yelled back, "pull your s*** together seriously."

"I'm not surprised Jess and Ema came out crying," Hadil said to the viewers. "People can't handle pressure like we can."

"Big girls dont cry," Sonya added.

Jess was seen sobbing while her sister Emma tried to tell her to stop and focus on getting out their main dishes. Source: Seven

Manu gave his feedback on his main first.

"Ladies the camembert sauce doesnt make sense," he said. "The rice was dry and one of my bugs were undercooked."

"The camembert sauce is going to be give nightmares for the rest of my life," Hadil told the viewers.

And it seemed the girs were on a roll when dissponting the judges and rest of the group when they served up a deconstructed apple pie and chocolate creme bruleé.

Manu didn't hold back his constructive feedback. Source: Seven

"Using milk chocolate has left a really fatty film in my mouth," Manu said. "The texure is not great and the chocolate taste was almost non-existent."

The girls finished off their night with a grand total of 52, which is one of the lowest scores ever receievd on the show.

To follow the MKR journey and to see how Henry and Anna's ultimate dinner plays out watch My Kitchen Rules on Tuesday night at 7:30pm on Channel Seven.

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