MKR's Colin is finally blown away

Abi Moustafa

Colin Fassnidge is notoriously difficult to please, but when mother and daughter duo Valerie and Courtney take inspiration from their family recipe book during Wednesday night's episode of My Kitchen Rules, he's visibly moved and impressed.

The celebrity chef tells the girls that their dishes are what this competition is all about, rewarding them with a high score and saying, "That's what we're here for".

Valerie mentions that she and her daughter have used their “secret weapon” – a family heirloom that has been written in with recipes passed down from her late father. The book, which carries 40 years worth of delicious recipes, includes a Goat Curry with Dahl and Pilau Rice, which is the meal that the girls chose as their main.

Colin Fassnidge is very impressed during Wednesday night's episode of My Kitchen Rules. Source: Channel Seven

“Your dad was looking down on you tonight! He was on your shoulder. This dish is like an orchestra or a symphony, everything just syncs together. Up stairs you did him proud! You’ve got a happy dad upstairs," Colin says.

Valerie tears up and says she’s, “Absolutely ecstatic. We cooked with our heart and just to hear the judges comments about it – I was bursting with happiness and pride!”

Her daughter Courtney is equally in shock as she admits, “I’m actually blown away… Like I could cry.”

Courtney and Valerie manage to whip up a dish that is to Colin's liking. Source: Channel Seven

There isn’t a dry eye in sight on the dinner table either as Valerie breaks down and thanks the judges for their compliments.

Meanwhile, the entré's given mixed reviews by fellow contestants, and the girls have a tiny hiccup with the dessert. However, the mother and daughter duo manage to land themselves on the top of the scoreboard with a total score of 72!

The meal that made everyone cry! Photo: Channel 7

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