MKR’s most brutal comment ever

Josephine Rozenberg-Clarke

In the second Instant Restaurant of Group 2, the teams head to NSW to eat food dished up by sisters Kelsey and Amanda.

The decibel-defying pair was at their peak volume as they hosted the group, causing several contestants (and Manu) to wince in pain as the girls shrieked over their incredible score of 95 out of a possible 110.

These girls raise the roof with their shrieks. Source: Channel Seven

We’re sure the neighbourhood dogs were barking, too!

Manu just popped an eardrum. Source: Channel Seven

But luckily for the girls, the most sour moment of the episode had nothing to do with their food. In fact, they missed it entirely!

The girls were unaware of the drama unfolding at the dinner table. Source: Channel Seven

After tucking into a delicious spinach and ricotta ravioli entré that the judges dubbed “perfect”, the teams are making conversation while they wait for the crispy skin snapper main to come out.

After Josh reveals that he used to be a model, Matt decides to make an ill-timed joke.


“Have you ever heard of batting merrins?” he laughs, implying that Josh’s wife Amy is the least attractive of the couple.

Josh and Amy are understandably offended. Source: Channel Seven

“That’s not very nice, Matt,” Tully scolds, as Matt’s wife Elyse just smiles awkwardly.

Matt insists he was only joking. Source: Channel Seven

“He would have got a swift old elbow to the groin if he was my husband, that’s for sure,” Della says to camera. We’re right with you, girl!

No one at the table is impressed with Matt's behaviour. Source: Channel Seven

“I didn’t really appreciate that comment at all, saying I was punching above my weight,” Amy says. “I was like seething. It really showed Matt’s true colours.”

Amy just stares him down. You go girl. Source: Channel Seven

Matt insists he was just joking, but he clearly hasn’t heard the rule that jokes are supposed to be funny – and no one is laughing. “There’s too many feminists at this table,” he complains.

Matt and Elyse cringe their way through the rest of the conversation. Source: Channel Seven

Nope, buddy, you’re just a jerk.

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As Josh puts it: “Elyse and Matt are quite superficial people. I’d be happy to see them kicked out of this competition.”

Move over Tyson, there’s a new villain in town!

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