My Morning Routine: Luke Hines

Luke Hines
Credit: Instagram/lukehinesonline

5:00 am Alarm goes off and if I don’t wake up, my little labrador Chia will get me up, so there’s no rest for the wicked. I make my way to the kitchen to get two important day starters happening.

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5:05 am By this point, I am happily standing (sometimes stretching) in the kitchen, dividing my attention between making a cup of organic coffee with homemade almond milk and filling Chia's bowl with raw kangaroo mince. And to be honest, a little tempted to fry up some of the mince for myself.

5:15 am The dog is happily eating and I grab the lead, the poo bags and togs ready for a stroll to the beach down for my daily sunrise swim. Rain hail or shine, the sea water is the best alarm clock for the soul. It balances my mood, and simply soaking in the salt water alleviates any muscle soreness I may have from the workout from the day before.

5:45 am Back from the beach, I down some coconut oil tablets or raw paleo chocolate slice from my freezer, and head to the gym. I prefer training on fat as my fuel source as I feel lighter in the stomach and seem to have more stamina than I normally do if I eat a heavy meal.

6:15 am I train at my local gym in Kingscliff, New South Wales, and even though I wish it was chest or arms day, its legs day, so I dig deep, think positively and crack into my routine. Making sure not to get distracted by emails on my phone.

7:15 am Gym session done I head home with with pace: time for my post-workout pancake cook up.

7:30 am I make my paleo pancakes with plant-based protein powder, eggs, maple syrup and almond meal. In a separate pan I defrost frozen berries, and prepare some coconut yogurt to dollop on top.

Luke's delicious banana paleo pancakes. Credit: Instagram/lukehinesonline

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7:45 am I sit at my outside table and chairs, pancakes to my left, newspaper to my right, dog at my feet. Life is pretty sweet!

8:00 am Time to get to work. I crack out the laptop out and get into the emails and power through.

Credit: Instagram/lukehinesonline

10 am I want to go for another swim with the beach only over the road, but I persevere and agree that once I hit another work milestone I can!

11:45 am I tick the tasks task off my list so I can reward myself with another feed (usually a superfood smoothie) and another dip! The dog and I run down to the water and it’s hard not to smile!

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Credit: Instagram/lukehinesonline

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