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4. "Metal Soup" Great Wall

Construction of Huanghuacheng began in 1575. General Cai Kai was in charge of the entire works. The wall took many years to finish, and immediately after completion, the general went to the capital to update the emperor of the accomplishment. Some jealous ministers had told the Emperor at that time the general had spent too much money and the construction of the wall was poor. The emperor immediately executed the general. Later, the emperor realized that something was wrong. He carried out an investigation and found that the Great Wall built by the general was very steep and solid. Not one crack could be knocked out of the bricks and stones that had been reinforced with rice soup. Knowing that the project was of extremely high quality, the Emperor sent people to build a tomb and established a tablet in memory of General Cai Kai and wrote on a big rock under the Great Wall the "Metal Soup".

Myths and Legends about The Great Wall of China

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