EXCLUSIVE: Naked Dating star on THAT encounter

Natasha Lee

It’s the radio segment that's got the whole of Australia hot and heavy under the collar.

Now, one of the contestants from KIIS FM's Naked Dating segment on the Kyle and Jackie O show has revealed what really went on behind-the-scenes.

The pair seemed very comfortable with each other from the beginning. Source: KIIS FM

Firefighter Azan Turoa, 24, was paired with 'international stripper' Yasmin, 26, for the segment which which sees two strangers meet for the first time wearing only their birthday suits.

Azan shows off his wares. Source: KIIS FM

The pair were clearly very into each other, so much so that the radio station's censors had to issue an official warning not to let the couple perform a sex act on air.

The order prompted Kyle to offer the pair "the handicap toilets on level one" leaving many listeners to wonder if they actually went ahead and did the dirty.

Azan goes on to inspect Yasmin.Source: KIIS FM

Now we finally know... and the answer might disappoint a few fans.

"No," Azan told Be. But it wasn't because they weren't into each other.

"She had work today," Azan said. "But we have each other's numbers. It's still early days."

The couple lock lips! Source: KIIS FM

Despite appearing confident during the segment Azan told Be it was "quite nerve racking".

"Yasmin's confidence really made it easier for me and Kyle and Jackie O definitely helped out by having easy flowing conversation to diffuse awkward moments," he said.

They get VERY into it. Source: KIIS FM

Azan added that most of his mates found the segment "hilarious" adding that he's not worried about the critics "there's always gonna be haters out there".

We can't wait to see what happens next!

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