Never use your middle name when booking a flight

Allison Yee

For most people, using your middle name when booking tickets is a bit of an afterthought – do you include it? Don’t you?

Experts have now revealed that it’s much better to avoid using your middle name, especially when it comes to travelling – and doing so could cost you big bucks.

Flying is one of those key times when you need to get all details of your name correct, and with some Aussie carriers charging a whopping $100 just to change the name of a passenger, it’s an expensive lesson to learn.

Avoid getting hit by expensive fees with this travel advice. Photo: Getty

“When buying your ticket, don't give your middle name(s),” Aviation Manager Andrew McLeish revealed on Quora.

“The name fields on the ticket are first / last. 

“Including your middle name increases the chance of error and incurring a change fee.”

Make sure all your details on your boarding pass match up to your passport. Photo: Getty

Andrew also advises that if you have a double-barrelled surname, to make sure it’s official and matches up with the name on your passport.

With carriers often so strict they can turn away a passenger at the gate, it’s definitely one tip to keep in mind come the Christmas travel season.

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