New Aus Day lamb ad drops and offends everyone

Kristine Tarbert

The new lamb ad is out and as expected it’s dividing the nation and making headlines already.

In a desperate attempt to make light of the current political climate, the Broadway-style musical ad that pits the Left and the Right against each other has got people asking – is it time to stop making these lamb ads.

Meat & Livestock Australia goes famously big for its TV commercials, and has attracted plenty of controversy over the years.

Here is the Left singing a tune in red. Photo: Meat & Livestock Aus

“If you’re a right you are right about every single issue / the left can go cry, throw them a tissue,” sings the leader of right.

“If you’re a left you stick up for the little guy. I mean… person,” comes the reply.

And here we have the right getting their moves on. Photo: Meat & Livestock Aus

Of course, the – totally unexpected – plot twist is that the one thing that can bring them all together is lamb.

Lamb really does bring everyone together. Photo: Meat & Livestock Aus

Barely a few hours after it was released, the ad had already attracted plenty of attention on social media with a huge majority of people saying it’s “cringe”.

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