New campaign wants you to check your breasts as often as Facebook

Caitlin Chang
New campaign wants you to check your breasts as often as Facebook

Amongst all of the pink ribbons and morning teas, one campaign is taking a different approach to Breast Cancer Awareness month.

Singapore's Breast Cancer Foundation, which aims to put an end to the disease through education, is encouraging women to check their breasts for suspicious lumps as often as they check social media.

“Not checking social media updates may not impact your lifestyle,” the organisation's campaign site states. "But not doing regular breast self-examinations affects your life and others around you."

And it’s an effective message, given the fact that a recent survey found that women are leading the charge when it comes to social media usage in Australia.

Early detection is key when it comes to the prevention of breast cancer, however one 2013 survey found that more than half of women aged 50 to 79 skip their mammograms, even though 95 per cent believed a screen could save their life.

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According to government statistics, breast cancer is the most common cause of cancer in Australian women, accounting for 28 per cent of all new cases.

The Singapore-based organisation is petitioning Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to adopt their awareness logos and are asking supporters to help spread the word.


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