Who is Ange's 'mystery man'?

Amy Stevenson

We've heard the persistent rumours that her estranged husband Brad Pitt has moved on, but now it seems Angelina Jolie is hiding a romantic secret of her own!

New details have emerged about Ange's "mystery man", who is reportedly the reason behind the 41-year-old's smile in recent weeks, according to sel-proclaimed "Brangelina expert" Ian Halperin.

Is Ange's smile because of her rumoured new man?! Source: Getty

The filmmaker, who is set to release a tell-all doco about the demise of Hollywood's former golden couple, claims Ange even met her new man, who is said to be a United Nations donor, while she was still married to Brad. Oooh!

"He's very tall, good-looking, an Oxford graduate with wealthy roots in oil and high tech," Ian tells OK! magazine.

"She's very attracted to his brains."

While adding that Ange and her rumoured beau started off just as "good friends", Ian continues saying that despite a friendship "there were sparks" from the moment the two met.

The mystery man is reportedly a UN donor! Source: Getty

"It's probably the first relationship that Ange has had that isn't just sex and fireworks at the beginning. They go on fine wine dinner dates and talk about politics, changing the world and making it better, art, travel, and philanthropy."

While Brad continues to be linked to every single, and not so single, actress under the sun since the couple split last year, the latest update from Ange's love life come as the actress was recently linked to an unlikely suitor.

In what could be the weirdest coupling Hollywood has ever seen, whispers from Angelina land suggested she was hooking up with none other than Tom Cruise!

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Will the actress ever reveal who the man is?! Source: Getty

The pair reportedly had been having “secret romantic meetings" according to US magazine National Enquirer.

The publication added that while Ange and Tom's meetings at the Scientology headquarters in England started in a professional sense to discuss a new film project, things quickly escalated after the pair ended up "hitting it off".

However if you were getting ready to ship, er, Tomelina, you may have to wait, with Gossip Cop claiming that a source close to both stars says the budding romance rumours are "simply not true".

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