New fitness trend: work out like a dog

Allison Yee

Do you ever have those days where you feel like a dog chasing your tail?

Well, thanks to a new fitness trend that sees humans work out like dogs, you can actually chase your tail - all in the name of getting fit.

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Yep, that’s right. You’ll be sitting, rolling over and fetching that Frisbee - and hopefully getting whippet lean (literally) in the process.

The latest trend sees exercise junkies incorporate canine moves into their workout. Photo: Youtube

The pooch-based workout is the brainchild of UK pet charity Blue Cross, runs for 45 minutes, and according to the website, combines “full-body strength training with high intensity cardio bursts to tone, improve endurance and fill participants with positive energy – in much the same way that regular exercise helps our four-legged friends stay not just physically but mentally healthy too.”

Forget weights, it's all about Frisbees, ropes and getting down on all fours with this workout. Photo:

While we’ve heard of some pretty crazy workout trends – anyone remember Pilates crossed with boxing aka Piloxing? – this could be one of the wackier ones.

But qualified PT Born Barikor who runs the class explains it’s a fun, fresh way to wake up your workout routine.

The 45 minute workouts are sure to leave you feeling muscles you never knew you had. Photo: Youtube

“When it comes to exercising, dogs enjoy it,” he explains.

“They’re not only expelling their energy when they do it, but they’re not afraid to get dirty. They’re not afraid to run around and look silly and that’s why they enjoy it more than we do.”

The UK based charity has kindly helped out with a workout sheet for you to try it at home. Photo:

Sadly, for those old dogs wanting to get taught new tricks, the classes currently only run in the UK.

But Blue Cross have helpfully provided a workout sheet for you to try at home.

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