New Snapchat map catches cheating boyfriend

Kristine Tarbert

The new Snapchat map is making things harder for people to sneak around – and it’s catching cheaters in the act.

Snapchat map is like a real life Harry Potter Marauders map, showing you where your friends are hanging out.

People have learned how to use Snapchat map now lets you see where your friends are. Photo: Getty

What could possibly go wrong with knowing where your partner is at any given time we hear you ask?

“I literally just watched my mans push up on somebody,” one unlucky user found out.

After learning how to use the snapchat map, she posted screenshots of her cheating boyfriend driving up to another woman, before both spend time in the same location.

Snapmap shows one unlucky user where her boyfriend is. Photo: Twitter

And we’re pretty sure he’s not the only one.

Source: Giphy

A host of twitter users were quick to point out that he wasn’t the first and won’t be the last that is busted.

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“He won't be the first and he won't be the last, first victim to fall fatal of the new snapchat update #cheat”, one user wrote.

Many agreed the solution was pretty simple – if you don’t want to get caught – don’t cheat.

However there is a way around the new feature. If you’re not a fan you can turn your location off and remain in ‘ghost mode’.

Source: Giphy

Otherwise, happy stalking!

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