Mum faces backlash over wanting to pierce baby's ears

Sarah Carty

A mother has faced severe backlash online after asking for advice on getting her baby’s ears pierced.

The whole conversation took place on UK forum Netmums, where parents usually go to ask others for support and advice on parenting matters.

However, one mother’s dilemma on how piercing her baby’s ears would have an impact on her breastfeeding routine had everyone up in arms.

A mum has been slammed online for wanting to pierce her baby's ears. Photo: Getty Images

The woman, who simply goes by the name Layla A on the site, started the thread saying she knows that there are mixed views out there about the subject but wanted to know how she should hold her baby afterwards without rubbing against her ears.

“I'm planning to get my daughter's ear pierced tomorrow,” she said.

“She’s fully breastfed, I just want to know if any mum's have got their daughters ear pierced whilst breastfeeding.

“How did you manage to breastfeed/ the after care? Did it take long to heal?”

People were quick to jump on the thread and scold the mother for her choice, with one woman even calling it “child abuse” and claiming it “should be made illegal".

She took to advice forum Netmums to ask other people what they thought. Photo: Getty Images

“And you’re planning inflicting pain on your child why? Leave her alone until she is old enough to choose for herself whether she wishes to have her own ears pierced. It’s her body not yours,” another person said.

:Breastfeeding is a time when your baby feels close and that trusting bond should never be messed with. I would advise against that but in fairness, I hope she has teeth and inflicts the pain on you that you're planning on paying someone else to inflict on her, for what, appearances?!,” another person commented.

“Totally disgusts me that you would even consider doing this to a child I would never put my little 11-month-old girl through that pain for nothing. It’s selfish in my opinion they are little people not a fashion accessory,” an outraged mother said.

However, others came to the defense of the mother, saying it’s her baby and she shouldn’t be judged for how she parents.

After taking all the advice onboard, the mum decided not to pierce her baby's ears. Photo: Getty Images

“I don't class this as child abuse at all! I personally haven't got my little girls ears pierced as I'm not a fan but if I was thinking about it I would go straight ahead! Babies have been getting them done for years and those that do wake up and cry it's forgotten about in a flash it's your own personal choice,” one woman said.

After reading all th replies, the mum said she has taken all the advice onboard and decided to not get her daughter’s ear pierced.

“I've come to the conclusion that I will not get it done,” she said.

“I will wait until she's old enough to ask for herself and if I really want it for vanity reasons then I could always put on the clip on ones.”

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