Nine-months pregnant mum pole dances past due date

Allison Yee

It’s something most of us would seriously struggle with at the best of times let alone with a huge bump weighing us down, but mum-to-be Helle Carlstedt is breaking the internet after showing us how to pole dance like a boss.

In an Instagram clip that’s been viewed nearly 300,000 times, Helle can be seen in nothing but a crop top and short shorts working that pole like a pro.

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Disclaimer: Helle is an actual pro. She’s a Swedish pole dancing instructor and co-owner of Vida Pole in Stockholm, but that doesn’t take away from how amazingly graceful she is doing her moves.

Helle is seen miraculously balancing her body using the pole despite her huge bump. Photo: Instagram

Even more applaudable is the fact that Helle, who is expecting a baby boy, is actually overdue.

“Hanging in there!” she posted on her Instagram account earlier this week. “11 days past #duedate. Feeling like a [whale] some days and like a [butterfly] other ones.”

The Swedish instructor is nearly two weeks overdue. Photo: Instagram

Fans and fellow mummas were quick to praise the mum-to-be’s pole prowess

“I wish,” wrote one commenter. “My fast ass can barely walk, 6 more weeks tho.”

The flexible mum can still do the splits. Photo: Instagram
Despite her belly, Helle is incredibly graceful and poised during the whole routine. Photo: Instagram

Helle does advise that women shouldn't try pole dancing for the first time while they are expecting.

"It's not dangerous - as long as you listen to your body and only do what feels right," she wrote. "Maybe I wouldn't recommend anyone to START practising pole while pregnant, but if your body is used to movement I believe it's the best therapy to keep strong and glowing all the way through the pregnancy!"

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