There's no Bachelor baby on the way

Amy Stevenson

Richie Strahan has previously denied he slept with any of the girls vying for his heart on The Bachelor.

And apparently he is legit.

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Richie has denied he's slept with the girls during filming and there's no Bachelor baby on the way. Source: Network Ten

Despite reports emerging yesterday that a positive pregnancy test was found by crew in the Bachelor mansion, Warner Bros. the production company behind the reality series, has dismissed the speculation.

NW reported that there could be a Bachelor baby on the way with a positive test found during filming, however yesterday the production house categorically denied that any of the contestants were pregnant.

Richie and some of the girls during the cocktail party. Source: Network Ten

“Warner Bros. can confirm that there is no truth to this story. There was no positive pregnancy test found at the mansion,” read a statement from the company.

Despite this, eliminated Bachelorette Laura Williams first raised suspicions about sex on set when she revealed Richie's 'carpet matches the drapes' - suggesting that she and some of the girls have seen Richie with his pants down.

Richie denied anything untoward happened on his quest for love, tell Kyle and Jackie O. "That's the best spoiler. I don't take off my pants."

When asked whether or not he had sex with any of the girls he said: "No of course not mate, you've got to respect all the women."

No one is owning up to the positive test. Source: Network Ten

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