'No Longer Alone': LGBT Activists Speak Out Across The Middle East, North Africa

Human Rights Watch shared a video of LGBT people who live in Arabic-speaking countries in the Middle East and North Africa, sharing their stories of their struggles and coming to terms with who they are.

The video was shared on the organization’s YouTube page as part of their campaign “No Longer Alone,” featuring several members of the LGBT community from countries such as Egypt, Lebanon and Sudan offering support to those who have not found acceptance for who they are. Many shared stories of abuse and struggles. Noor from Sudan described an incident where she was attacked while out with friends. “Most of us looked different, and it was clear we were LGBT,” she said.

The footage ended with words of encouragement to those who are struggling with their sexual identity. “It’s hard when you are young,” said Lebanon musician Hamed Sinno. “It stays hard, but it gets easier.” As of writing, the footage has over 2,500 views on YouTube. Credit: Human Rights Watch via Storyful