Nudie CEO James Ajaka talks superfoods

Annabelle Sheldon

Miranda Kerr can’t get enough of chia seeds, Liz Hurley raves about goji berries while Angelina Jolie swears by wheatgrass, but a new study out today has revealed 75% of Aussies don’t know what a superfood is and only 8% are incorporating them into their diet.

We spoke with Nudie CEO James Ajaka about why this is and why he decided to produce the ultimate breakfast super juice.

What was the reason behind the company’s decision to research superfood?
Ever since we started the business we have made sure that our little delicious juices add value to peoples days. And one of the things we found was that 75% of people in Australia didn’t know what superfoods were and only 8% of people were incorporating it into their diet. With one in three Australians skipping breakfast, we thought why not make a breakfast juice that has a superfood in it so they can grab it on the go and reap the benefits.

Why do you think Australians are unaware of superfoods?
Superfoods are bigger overseas because of the big name celebs who get behind them. In Australia we are blessed with such good fruit, and have access to really good produce we don’t see the need for superfood. But as time goes on we are becoming more time poor and the daily drive gets to use, superfoods are now entering our diets.

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What are the benefits nudies ‘super breakfast juice’?
The greatest benefit of it is that it’s made with nothing but fruit and chia seeds and it taste fantastic and ticks all the boxes. The benefits are that chia seeds deliver omega 3, dietary fibre and protein that are all very good for the system and keep you full longer.

As a CEO of a growing company, how do you find time for breakfast?
I also have a 10 month old daughter and I’m at the stage where every moment I get free I want to spend it with her and if that means forgoing on breakfast then that’s what I’m doing. So I just grab the breakfast nudie and go. I would love to spend more time on breakfast, but right now this juice solves my problems as spending time with my daughter is my number one priority.

What are you top 3 superfoods?
Cranberries, Chia and Pomegranate

Do you have any tips on how Aussies can incorporate more superfoods in their diet?
Grab a super nudie breakfast juice. But the most important thing is that it has to taste good, so to incorporate superfoods in foods or with meals that they already like.

Why do you think it has taken so long for Aussies to get involved in the whole superfood craze?
We have been lucky enough to have a lifestyle where we have been pretty healthy and balanced. But, as Australia becomes a very hard working nation, more and more we are looking for a convenient format and super foods have been great for that.

Are there anymore super nudies in the works?

If we can see in the future that more and more people are asking for our juices to be mixed with superfoods then definitely. But they must past the number one criteria and that is that they taste great!

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