Nudists host their own version of the Olympics on a Rio beach

Leah Cohen

While the athletes were competing in Rio at the 2016 Olympic games, another sporty group was busy playing on the beach in their own version of the Games.

Baring nothing more than sunglasses, hats and suncream, Brazilian nudists competed in a much more relaxed Olympics.

Nudists compete in the naked Olympics every weekend. Photo: Caters

Every weekend, naturists take to Rio’s only nudist beach to compete against each other in various sports events, from sprinting races to football, beach volleyball to their version of badminton.

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Running around totally nude on Abrico beach in Grumari, the nudists also play non-Olympic sports like tug of war and surfing, which is actually due to become an official olympic event for the first time ever at the 2020 Olympic games in Tokyo.

These Brazilians love nothing more than stripping back and exposing it all for the Games when the weekend comes around.

They verse each other in running events. Photo: Caters
Tug of war in the nude anyone? Photo: Caters

They even have their own award ceremony, where everyone (of all ages, shapes and sizes) receives a participation medal.

Of course their games are nothing like the real thing - these guys do it all for some extracurricular fun, laughs and good times.

They hit the shuttlecock with their hands. Photo: Caters
And the winner is... Photo: Caters

Besides, they’re naked for godsake! Who could possibly take them seriously?

Watch the video above to see the naturists battle it out for the gold.

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