WATCH: Model shocks with outrageous nude Christmas outfit

Allison Yee

Tis the season for Christmas outfits, so when model Lili Jasmijn hit the streets of New York in what looked like a festive jumper and striped leggings to party with silly season revellers, no one batted an eyelid.

But what no one seemed to notice was that Lili was actually almost completely nude, with body painter Jen Seidel working her magic to create the outrageous outfit.

In a new video posted to Youtube, Lili can be seen getting ready, wearing nothing but a flesh-coloured G-string and pasties as Jen and her helper set to work to create her realistic outfit.

Lili stripped down to underpants and pasties before getting painted. Photo: Youtube/ Jen The Body Painter
After hours and endless brushstrokes, the model's outfit was complete. Photo: Youtube/ Jen The Body Painter

Body-p.aint costume complete, Lili then braved the winter chill to hit the streets of New York, heading to a bar to test see whether people could spot her near-nude outfit.

While some partygoers clearly had a lot of festive cheer going on, most couldn’t believe their eyes when they were told about Lili’s naked look.

“We were like ‘How is she so amazing?’” bar-goers told Lili.

“We were staring at your ass for a good 20 minutes.”

Yep, underneath that bodypaint Lili is pretty nude. Photo: Youtube/ Jen The Body Painter
Bar-goers couldn't believe Lili's outfit. Photo: Youtube/ Jen The Body Painter
Nude karaoke, anyone? Photo: Youtube/ Jen The Body Painter

Lili was also seen frolicking in Rockefeller Center and paying NYC eatery Rolf’s a visit – with diners seemingly none the wiser about the nakedness in their midst.

Sub-zero temps weren't an issue for Lili who frolicked amongst Christmas shoppers. Photo: Youtube/ Jen The Body Painter
Lili even dared to bare amongst diners celebrating the silly season at Rolf's. Photo: Youtube/ Jen The Body Painter

It’s not the first time Jen’s creations have caused havoc on the streets.

Last month, Jen sent model Maria Luciotti out shopping wearing nothing but underwear and nipple pasties.

One of these ladies is naked, can you tell which one?. Photo: Jen the Body Painter

A few weeks later, she spent five hours painting two models in activewear to see if gym-goers would notice.

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