WATCH: Olivia Newton John is 'feeling great'

Emma Shepherd

Olivia Newton-John has been battling breast cancer for a second time in recent months.

Now her niece Tottie Goldsmith has given an update on her aunt's condition telling Channel Seven's The Morning Show she's feeling better after undergoing treatment.

"She’s doing really well she’s feeling great she was in a lot of pain before and its settled enormously," she told them.

Olivia will be back in Australia in September for her ball. Source: Getty

She continued: "She’s coming out for her ball in September, so it's still all about raising money for her hospital, her charity, so she’s good, she’s fit enough to do that so things are looking really good."

The 68-year-old took to her Facebook page last week to let fans know that she's "feeling good."

Tottie Goldsmith admits her aunt is doing well and feeling great. Source: Getty

"I am really grateful for and touched by the worldwide outpouring of love and concern for me over the last few months. Thank you," she wrote.

"I am feeling good and enjoying total support from my family, friends and my loyal fans. I am totally confident that my new journey will have a positive success story to inspire others!".

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The Grease singer was diagnosed for a second time in May earlier this year when she shared on Facebook an official statement reluctantly posponing her U.S and Canada tours after discovering that her cancer had spread.

"I decided on my direction of therapies after consultation with my doctors and natural therapists and the medical team at my Olivia Newton-John Cancer Wellness and Research Centre in Melbourne, Australia,” she said.

Olivia was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 1992.

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