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Olivia Newton John and daughter Chloe in 2011. Credit: Getty Images

Olivia Newton-John has reportedly rushed to the side of her daughter following Chloe's sobriety struggles earlier in the month.

According to UK mag Closer, the legendary Australian singer has reportedly to have made plans to intervene. A source close to Chloe told the mag, 'There is a plan to hold an intervention.'

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Olivia is also apparently looking to involve Chloe's father, Matt Lattanzi.

Two weeks ago, Chloe posted photos of herself looking dishevelled to social media, writing that she had "p****d her sobriety away."

"If you're sober stay sober. For anyone out there struggling with addiction. I feel you." Chloe wrote before deleting the images.

Olivia Newton John and daughter Chloe Lattanzi in 2006. Credit: Getty Images

Chloe reassured her worried friends and family on social media she was fine a few days later, writing, "Just so all my friends know, I'm fine. I almost fell off, but I've got back on."

The 28-year-old spent seven months in rehab last year, receiving treatment for cocaine, alcohol and antidepressant abuse.

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In November last year, Chloe admitted to even being high in front of her famous mother.

“Being drunk and high became so routine that I would be high in front of my mum – and I don’t think she even noticed because it was such a normal state for me to be in,” she said.

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By the age of 22, Chloe was 'spending $US130 a day on cocaine' while also consuming a bottle of vodka daily.

Chloe previously made headlines in 2011 for releasing a disturbing music video for her song, 'Play With Me,' which included graphic scenes of bathtub electrocution.