OMG Justin! Bieber Ditches His Sick Puppy Todd

Yahoo! NZ

Justin Bieber is good at many things. Of course, singing is number 1, being a playboy he’s pretty much a pro at, and… abandoning pets. Yes, you heard me right… abandoning his pets. And this latest news is painful to talk about. Bieber’s latest ding-dog-ditch is his fluffy white chow chow named Todd. So here’s the low-down, Bieber bought Todd last August and flaunted the pup all over his then Instagram. You’ll remember he took it down after haters were talking trash on one of his many girlfriends, but we can’t remember which one it was either. He posted pictures, videos, and even captioned one of them, “How are you even real?” Um Justin, how are you even allowed to own animals? Todd took a turn for the worse health wise. Turns out the poor pooch has severe hip displacia, in simpler terms, by the time the puppy turns one, he won’t be able to walk! Bieber was able to pawn the dog off on one of his dancers, C.J. Salvador, and turns out, the dog needs surgery ASAP or else it could be put down. Now, this isn’t the first time Bieber has given up on a pet early on. He once had a monkey named Mally which was “confiscated,” and he also ditched a hamster and a pet snake. Luckily C.J. is a responsible pet owner and started a GoFundMe page for the dog so that he could raise the $8,000 dollars for the surgery. Does Justin even know what kind of hell he’s putting not only this dog through, but his friend? Does he even care? Probably not. Out of sight, out of mind, as they say. On the bright side of it all, C.J. has raised more than the $8,000 he initially set as his goal, so lucky pup Todd will hopefully get the surgery he needs. What do you think about all of Bieber’s animal madness? Is he being responsible by giving his pet to a friend, or is it straight up animal abuse? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.