The one thing that could ruin Harry and Meghan's marriage

Allison Yee

For someone who has been in the showbiz industry for years, Meghan Markle has managed to keep a very tight lid on those closest to her who might be able to reveal her true personality.

Now one of Meghan’s most inner circle has broken ranks and revealed exactly that it’s like to work with the Suits star.

Gina Nelthorpe-Cowne, 52, was Meghan’s former agent, trusted confidant – and the woman Meghan excitedly gossiped with just hours before her life-changing blind date with Princess Harry.

Agent Gina has spilled about Meghan's excitement before her date with Harry. Photo: Twitter/krugercowne

In a bombshell interview, Gina reveals that contrary to Meghan’s claims in her engagement interview that she had no idea who Prince Harry was before their fateful meeting in 2016, the Suits actress was well aware who she had been set up with, and had even Googled him.

'Meghan had just told me, 'I'm going on a date tonight! With Prince Harry!” Gina told the Daily Mail of a lunch date between her and the actress.

“I looked at how stunning she was and I just thought: 'There's no way he's going to be able to resist her’.”

Gina and Meghan first met in 2014, when the actress was with her ex-boyfriend, Canadian chef, Cory Vitiello.

The pair bonded over humanitarian issues, with Gina soon signing Meghan up to her Kruger Cowne Talent Management, who also includes celebrity clients such as Elle MacPherson, Cher, Lily Cole and Goldie Hawn.

The pair quickly became close, with Gina revealing Meghan’s split from Cory was due to the actress’ age – and her desire to start having a family.

The close relationship also saw Gina witness Meghan’s true personality, with the 52-year-old agent revealing she’s “picky”, “likes to move on” and doesn’t waste time with those who she doesn’t see eye-to-eye with.

Describing the star as “ferociously intelligent”, Gina admits once Meghan decides to move on, nothing can stop her.

It’s something others have touched on, with royal biographer Andrew Morton detailing in his new book Meghan: A Hollywood Princess how Meghan ended her first marriage to Trevor Engelson so abruptly, she was forced to mail her rings back to him.

While Meghan and Harry – who are set to tie the knot on May 19 – seem happier than ever, getting shunted by the actress is something Gina knows all too well is something you can’t stop once she makes up her mind.

Despite their close relationship, Gina reveals Meghan changed once she began dating Harry.

Once so close Meghan even showed her happy snaps of the couple’s first trip to Botswana – where Gina says the couple fell in love – on her phone, the actress’ demeanor switched from “warm and accommodating” to giving Gina “a difficult time”.

From snapping at journalists to pulling out of events, it was in October 2017 – and just days before Harry and Meghan went public with their romance – that Gina received an email from the Suits star saying she wanted out of her contract.

With Meghan pulling the plug just as she was set to sign a book and beauty deal Gina had painstakingly brokered, the London-based agent says the next time she heard from the star was through her lawyers.

Gina had contacted Meghan to ask permission to use an image while promoting a humanitarian summit, but despite years of friendship, the star didn’t respond personally.

“Perhaps it says something about her new life,” Gina told the Daily Mail.

“It would have been nice if she'd just dropped me a line to say her lawyers were handling it, rather than have them reply to me directly. It's a shame.”

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