Oprah just went to the bank for the first time since 1988

Taryn Ryder

Sometimes stars really are just like us, while other times they are completely not relatable. Oprah Winfrey managed to be both at the same time during a recent appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show … but we loved it.

Both women were joing about how rich they were. Source: Ellen

The media mogul participated in Ellen’s Burning Questions segment for Ellen's YouTube channel, which was teased on Monday’s show. One question the talk show host asked Oprah was, “What’s your ATM pin number?”

Oprah revealed she went to the bank to deposit a $2 million check. Source: Michael Rozman/Warner Bros

“I don’t have one,” she responded. “When’s the last time you went to the bank, Ellen?”

“A long, long time ago,” Ellen replied. “When I deposited, like, $5,000 and I was so excited.”

“Yeah, I went to the bank recently because I hadn’t been to the bank since 1988,” Oprah began.

“What did you go to the bank for?” asked Ellen.

“To deposit a million dollars,” Oprah casually said. (Yes, you read that right.)

“Really, as like a cheque?” continued Ellen.

“Yeah, I just wanted to go there just to do it. … I stood in line, just to do it,” Winfrey said.

“How did it feel,” asked Ellen.

“It felt fantastic,” Oprah laughed. “It was fantastic!”

Oprah made an appearance on the Ellen show back in 2015. Source: Michael Rozman/Warner Bros

Ellen and Oprah both started giggling uncontrollably before Winfrey added, “Actually, it was $2 million.”

We would have loved to see the look on the bank teller’s face when Winfrey strolled into her local branch to deposit that cheque.

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A few other highlights from the segment: Oprah’s favorite word that begins with an “O” is “Oreo” (yes, as in the cookie); something that makes her feel good is rolling in the grass with her dogs; her go-to karaoke song is “Respect,” by Aretha Franklin; her favorite G-rated curse word is “Shazam”; and the advice she would give to her 21-year-old self is, “Relax, girl, you’re going to be all right.”

Alternatively, her advice could be: “Relax, girl, someday you will be depositing $2 million cheques into your bank account.” That would do too!

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