‘Naked’ motorbike rider baffles internet in bizarre optical illusion

Kristine Tarbert

An image of a ‘naked’ motorbike rider has left people scratching their heads as they try to work out what’s really going on in the photo.

The image posted to Reddit appears to show what looks like a naked man and a woman riding a motorbike. But is actually an optical illusion.

“Tell me I'm not the first one who saw a naked man at first sight,” the person captioned the snap, which has since had over 400 comments.

Can you work out what's going on in this photo? Photo: Reddit

And judging by the comments he definitely wasn’t the only one who thought the man on the motorbike was riding around butt naked.

The optical illusion confusing many who though the man was naked, there were three people on the motorbike or that the woman on the back was holding a mannequin.

“Took me way too long to figure out what was going on,” one person commented.

“I was convinced it was three people riding that thing. Two dressed on the end and naked dude in the middle,” another admitted.

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Thankfully some were able to spot what was really going on and helpfully tried to explain that it was in fact a shirtless man wearing blue jeans sitting in front of a woman wearing short shorts.

“Her bare legs look like they belong to the guy,” one person wrote.

“That makes sense. I'm no longer seeing a naked guy. I am just seeing two people who have no idea how uncomfortable road rash can be,” another quipped.

But it didn’t help everyone. No matter how hard they tried some people just couldn’t see anything other than a ‘naked’ man on a motorbike.

“I’m still seeing a naked guy. I’ve given up on reality. Things just don’t make sense like they used to,” someone wrote.

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