Outrage as preschool goes vegan without parents' consent

Eliza Velk

There is already a hot debate about whether kids should be raised as vegans and now a preschool has added fuel to the fire after deciding to adopt a vegan only food menu without consent from parents.

Essentially, the common opinion is that it's up to the parents to decide what diet their children follow and it's the role of a nursery to cater to all.

However, one nursery manager (who also follows a vegan diet) has taken it upon herself to change the food menu to vegan only, and simply informed parents with no questions asked.

There is already hot debate over whether children should be raised as vegans. Source: Getty

This did not sit well with one particular mum, Amiee, who turned to parenting site Netmums to express her outrage.

"So we had an email this week from my son’s nursery saying they are changing their food menu – little did I expect when I received the menu they have changed the whole menu to a vegan menu, no prior consent or questions put forward to the parents, or from staff, from what I can gather!" she posted to the forum.

The main issue with the menu change is the lack of parental consult. Source: Getty

"This has really got my back up as I feel we are being railroaded into making our children vegan without a choice, no option of meat or fish! My family are a meat eating family, as many others in the nursery," she continued.

Where things get a bit conflicted, is when Amiee admitted she already approached the preschool yet her complaint was shrugged off as she was told, "It’s because the deputy manager has come back from maternity leave and she is the vegan and it’s for her son!"

The reason for the menu change was due to the nursery manager also being vegan and wanting to do it for her own son. Source: Getty

Not to mention the added awkward fact that the nursery is on a farm which, "Rears animal to kill to eat part of the natural cycle in life!" Aimee said.

She then called on advice from other parent's as to whether to take this matter to Ofsted (the Office for Standards in Education).

The responses came with mixed opinions.

"Meat eaters don’t have to eat some form of meat at every mealtime and as others have pointed out you’re welcome to feed your child a diet of your choosing out with nursery so I’m not really sure what your issue is," one user said.

"I agree with you op. Dietary choices should not be forced on children because of the nursery manager and her child! I'm a vegetarian myself and my children eat meat. I haven't forced a meat free diet onto my children and certainly wouldn't expect anyone else to. I'd complain via their complaints procedure," said another mum.

Responses from other parents were mixed, however some showed support that children shouldn't be forced into one diet. Source: Getty

Another said that they would change nursery if this happened to their child:

"I would be changing nursery if this was done to my daughter’s nursery I don’t want my kids railroaded into a vegan lifestyle, young children are unable to make decisions like this on their own, if when they are old enough to decide to be vegan themselves and they make that decision so be it but I will ensure they have all the true facts to make an informed decision."

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