Paleo Pete pays tribute to Nutrition Mermaid wife who ditched drugs for clean living

Amy Stevenson

Pete Evans and Nicola Robinson are still obviously in that honeymoon phase, with the celebrity chef sharing a loving tribute to his wife of six months.

Posting an image of Nicola to Instagram the My Kitchen Rules judge declared his love writing, "I LOVE YOU ANGEL. Radiating love always xoxo @nutritionmermaid."

Pete's tribute. Source: Instagram

Nicola has come a long way from her former "wild child" days, and now refers to herself as the 'Nutrition Mermaid' while supporting her husband's paleo and clean-living lifestyle.

The former glamour model turned bohemian farm girl has been open about her past life, which includes a failed marriage and three breast augmentations, started dating Pete in 2011, shortly after he announced his split from wife of 11 years Astrid Ellinger.

Writing about their relationship in his book Going Paleo last year, Pete referred to Nicola as his 'wife' and described they connected over their love of a healthy lifestyle.

"I can remember Nic was sitting next to me reading [Primal Body, Primal Mind by Nora Gedgaudas] one night and I felt a sudden jab in my ribs," he wrote.

Pete and his new wife. Source: Instagram

"She had this look in her eye and I knew she had stumbled onto something powerful."

New Zealand-born Nicola was once married millionaire and former Warriors league club owner Eric Watson before divorcing in 2003. She then went on to date Merivale CEO Justin Hemmes and ex-All Blacks Matthew Ridge and Ali Williams before meeting Pete.

In 2006 our now Nutrition Mermaid tried to shake off her "trophy wife" image in an hour long 20/20 episode on TVNZ called Nicky Watson – The Naked Truth.

During the candid TV special, Nicola revealed she got her first of three boob jobs at age 21 and that she waited three days before her 18th birthday to lose her virginity because her brothers had shown her too much porn growing up, which had turned her off sex.

Nicola during her modelling days. Source: Getty

"I was a late starter and it was all thanks to my brothers... because they showed me a lot of porn from a young age and I just thought, 'There's no way I am participating in that, that is gross,'" she said.

A highlight of the episode also included the former socialite telling her mother she had decided to go commando for a day at the races.

"I just can't believe I've got no knickers on," she admitted holding onto her mother's hand.

She also got her nipple pierced and openly discussed her drug-taking, failed marriage, threesomes, despair, depression and a suicide attempt in the special.

The pair married in April. Source: Instagram

Having turned over a new leaf, Nicola now plays step-mum to Pete's two daughters Chilli and Indi from his previous marriage and regularly shares photos with them on social media.

Clearly a little quirky, Nicola shared a bizarre tribute to dead rat on Thursday.

The 38-year-old had discovered the deceased rat beneath her kitchen sink during house renovations and decided to pay tribute to the skeleton on Instagram.

“Well hizere little long departed RAT! I hope you enjoyed living under the kitchen sink?” the boho babe captioned the bizarre image.

Nicola now enjoys the farm life. Source: Instagram

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The rodent must have been living there for years because when she recovered it to take a photo, it was nothing but bare bones.

She continued the obituary: “I must say, I'm strangely amused by your seemingly cosy home, as it really is a pretty sweet mix of old & new. Oh & I've just found your rather extensive collection of eclectic treasures, clearly you were a connoisseur of the finer things in life! #barnrenovation #ratskeleton#ialwaysgetthebestjobs.”

The “farm girl,” as she dubs herself, usually posts very earthy images of raw food, spiritual experiences and pictures of her numerous animals, including a poodle, a cat, two horses and chickens on the NSW farm she and Pete reside at.

RIP rat. Source: Instagram

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