Incredible Moment a Panther Pounces On Man At The Zoo

Kate Moffatt

Credit: Facebook / Black Jaguar White Tiger Foundation.

Earlier this week a seemingly innocent video of a toddler at the zoo surfaced.

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He was filmed peering into a lion enclosure - but the moment his back was turned, the lion took the opportunity to pounce. Unfortunately, it didn’t realise the toddler was safely behind the glass wall and face-planted spectacularly in front of a peering crowd.

In a similar vein, video has surfaced overnight of a guy at the zoo who is pounced on by a panther the moment his back is turned.

This time though, there’s no pane of glass separating them.

For a horrifying moment, it looks as if the man is about to get mauled by the animal. But instead, the panther playfully jumps on him, and the man follows up by planting a kiss on his face.

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As it turns out, the two do know each other – the man works at the Black Jaguar White Tiger Foundation, which specialises in looking after big cats!