Widowed father's note to 'd**k' he met at airport

"I’ll refer to you as D**k, and I’m sure if your wife ever reads this she’ll know exactly whom you are."

Widowed father's open letter to 'chauvinist' at airport bar

Widowed father's open letter to 'chauvinist' at airport bar

A widowed father-of-two has written a compelling open letter to a man he met "hiding out at the airport bar" so he could avoid going home to his wife and children.

Lachlan Searl's wife, Bec, died two years ago, making him a single parent to their two children, and he wasn't at all impressed to find this man shirking his responsibilities and bragging about how he'd get away with it.

A widowed father-of-two has penned an open letter to another dad he met at the airport who was avoiding his own family. Source: Facebook

Telling the man to pull his head in and "be a dad, not a lad", Lachlan recounts his growing disgust as he spoke to the "chauvinist" on his blog, titled The Daddy Letters.

On the afternoon of January 25, Lachlan says he was about to fly out of Melbourne to attend a friend's bucks party when he met the man who he renamed "D**k" outside his Virgin terminal gate.

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"Over the next five minutes or so, you preceded to tell me stories of conquests, and bucks parties, and lines of cocaine… and continually referenced ‘b****es’, which only reinforced my opinion," Lachlan writes.

He would have liked to call the man up on his disrespectful language then and there, but thought better of it after seeing he had already had a few drinks. What was he even doing there trying to impress a stranger with his tales when he'd just spent two days away from his wife and kids?

Lachlan Searl is father to two beautiful children, Tom and Lottie.Source: Facebook

The widowed father was compelled to write the letter to the man's wife who he feels "deep down she already knows you’re a d**k".

"And the real kicker is… if you continue in your ways, it won’t be long before your kids realise you’re a d**k too," he writes, "Your lack of respect for your wife, and your children was abhorrent in the ten minutes that we spent chatting and I just hope that your 10-month-old daughter doesn’t grow up to marry someone like you."

Here's a section of his letter:

''''You first mentioned your wife having just sat down as we both waited for our plane… well at least that’s what I thought at the time. I asked you the simple question, ‘was that gin?’ And your reply was enlightening and enraging.
‘Vodka… I’ve gotta have one now when the wife’s not here to bust my balls.’
At that point, I could have opted out of our conversation, unsubscribed from your slander, and stuck my head back into my book… and I should have. But unfortunately I didn’t, I gave you a rye smile, said nothing… and then said yes when you offered me a drink as well.
What I also could have said was that my wife wasn’t here either… in fact she never is anymore, having passed away over two years ago, and that in the 12 years we were married I never once used the term ‘busting my balls’…
My next question opened a darker door to your personality and lack of respect for your wife and your young family.
‘Where are you flying to?’ I asked.
‘No where… I’ve just come in from a couple of days away with work and don’t want to go home yet.’
‘Yeah if I go home now the kids will be being fed, and it will be crazy…’
‘So I’ll wait here for an hour or so, then have the hour cab ride home (in more traffic)… and then things will have settled down… and the wife won’t be at me to help out.’
‘Right… How old are you kids?’ I asked hoping they weren’t young.
‘Three and ten months… a boy and a girl.’
‘Do you have kids?’ D**k asked.
‘Yes, I do… a boy and girl, five and four.’
‘It’s hard work isn’t it?’ said D**k.
‘Yes, yes it is.’ I said… (insert eye roll) as I thought how hard it must be for his wife… knowing how hard it is for a solo parent.''''

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