Mum’s pregnancy surprise - after she had a tummy tuck

Aleta O'Meara had been sick in bed for days when she woke one morning with the worst stomach pains.

She thought she had a really bad flu, incredibly though just hours later she and partner Rod Maberly found themselves in the maternity ward in hospital having a baby!

“The doctor took one look at me at about midday and said I was pregnant. I just replied bullsh''t," Aleta tells Be.

Aleta and Rod only had a few hours notice they would be parents. Photo: Supplied

“But he did bloods to confirm. I hadn't even felt the baby turn to engage! We were petrified.”

The day before Aleta had visited her GP and told him she’d been coughing so hard she’d accidentally wet herself. Turns out the liquid she felt was actually her waters breaking!

The Goulburn, NSW, couple were dumbfounded. Aleta thought she’d had a contraceptive implant, while Rod had been on medication for an auto-immune disease which could cause foetal abnormalities.

Within hours Aleta welcomed Toby into the world. Photo: Supplied

“It was a blur. Rod was really worried about bub and I. There was fear of the unknown. We were helpless and scared that our lives were turning upside down,” says Aleta.

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Within a few hours, baby Toby Giovanni Maberly was born – although he wasn’t actually named until three days later once his parents had time to think about it.

Aleta is actually a nurse and couldn’t believe she didn’t realise she was pregnant. But what makes this whole story even more incredible, is that she’d had tummy tuck surgery five months into the pregnancy!

Both parents are just happy Toby is healthy. Photo: Supplied

“I had a tummy tuck because I’d lost a lot of weight and to repair my abdominal muscles after my first pregnancy,” she tells us.

She even went in for a follow up after the surgery explaining she had cankles, was feeling bloated and like there were “aliens” in her stomach.

She’d also been experiencing fatigue, dizziness and shortness of breath but thought they were all side-effects of the operation.

Their incredible case is currently being reviewed. Photo: Supplied

“The matter is now being reviewed for medical negligence and is being addressed in the appropriate forum. Interestingly enough, because he is healthy we can't litigate the medical professional for associated costs of raising Toby,” she says.

High school sweethearts Rod and Aleta had only re-kindled their relationship 18-months earlier after years apart, and were enjoying their new romance as they shared parenting duties of Aleta’s daughter Jaseta and Rod’s two children Mazzy-Rose and Cohen.

Big sister Jaseta loves her brother Toby. Photo: Supplied

But even if he was a surprise, little Toby has only strengthened their bond.

“21 months on and Toby is a bundle of joy, he's a full throttle toddler from the time he wakes to the time he crashes,” Aleta says.

“It hasn’t been easy on us, we’ve had to rearrange our lives and it’s been a rollercoaster of emotions.

“Although we never asked for him, we love him severely and we are grateful he is a healthy little fella.”

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