Potentially lethal baby neck floats recalled

A warning has been issued after two types of neck floats have been recalled.

The popular floats are used by parents to support their baby’s neck while in the water, but Queensland’s Office of Fair Trading have found two products available online were dangerous.

The two separate products sold on eBay increased the ‘risk of drowning’ if not used correctly or if they deflated during use.

baby floats recalled

One of two baby neck floats recalled by Fair Trading. Photo: ausproductsafety

Sold by eBay sellers livingspace888 and xianan121280, the items did not comply with product safety standards, as well as requirements in labelling and instructions.

Fair Trading Executive Director Brian Bauer said the neck floats were originally designed as medical aids for children with a disability.

dangerous baby neck floats

The second of two products recalled for failing to comply with safety standards. Photo: ausproductsafety

“But have recently proliferated as more recreational items,” he said.

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“Unless baby neck floats are medically prescribed and professionally fitted, they can be very dangerous.”

pool floatie recall

Customers affected should return the product for a refund. Photo: Getty

The ACCC website warns that swimming and flotation aids should not be confused with safety devices.

Consumers affected by the recall should return the product for a refund.

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