The cheapie dishwasher tablet voted best by Choice

There is nothing worse than shelling out big busks for the top-notch dishwasher detergent, only to find your dishes aren't being cleaned as well as they should be.

With so many different ones to choose from, thankfully CHOICE Australia has compiled a definitive list of the best dishwashing detergents.

And the best news – you won’t have to spend an arm and a leg to get the best results.

dishwashing detergent

Choice Australia has reveal the best dishwashing detergent. Photo: Getty

According to a new report from CHOICE, the most effective detergent currently on the market is Earth Choice All in 1 Dish Tablets.

It got an overall score of 79 per cent, and only costs $16.79.

best dishwashing tablets

Earth Choice took out the top spot. Photo: Choice

All up 32 different detergents were compared, along with just plain water, in their success of removing egg yolk, rice starch, baked-on diet cheese, red wine and coffee from crockery.

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The product by Earth Choice got a score of 91 per cent in egg yolk removal and 89 per cent for getting rid of baked-on cheese.

best dishwashing detergent

Products from Coles and Aldi also performed well. Photo: Choice

And for those that want to save even more pennies, the products that came in at second, third and fourth – so still sold choices – were all under $10!

Coles Ultra With active oxygen Dishwasher Tablets ($6), Coles Ultra Plus Dishwasher Power Pods ($7), and Aldi Logix Complete 10 in 1 Dishwashing Tablets ($4.90) rounded out the top recommendations.

worst dishwashing tablets

The worst product was also the most expensive. Photo: Getty

The worst performing detergent turned out to also be the most expensive - Northfork Dishwashing Powder at $42.97 - with a score of just 35 per cent.

Hurray to clean dishes on the cheap!

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