Mum warns against dangerous Kmart baby bouncer

Aussie mum Laura Searle has posted a warning on Facebook after a baby bouncer she bought from Kmart began to tear while her four-month-old baby sat inside.

Laura says she popped the little one in the chair and walked away for a minute.

“I came back to find it had torn, if I was away any longer it would have given way I’m sure,” Laura tells Be.

Worried other mums might have purchased the same product to use she took to Facebook and posted a warning on the Kmart Mums Australia page.

faulty kmart baby bouncer

Laura posted a warning on Facebook. Photo: Facebook

“Please be careful anyone who puts their bubba in this chair,” she wrote, alongside two images of the baby circus fun bouncer with the strap attached by just a single thread.

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“I’m aware it is a $17 chair but when you buy something for your baby you expect it to be safe to use.”

kmart baby circus fun bouncer

The baby circus fun bouncer tore while her baby was in it. Photo: Facebook

Other mums were quick to respond saying they had similar things happen with the same product and advised her to take it back for a refund.

“Same thing happened to mine! Bubs wasn’t in it at the time I was just tightening it,” one mum responded.

“Ours did this also,” another wrote.

dangerous kmart baby bouncer

Other mums responded with similar stories. Photo: Facebook

Laura says she was surprised by how many other mums it had also happened to and so she decided to contact Kmart.

“I have spoken to Kmart, they apologised and asked if my baby was ok and made sure he hadn't been harmed," Laura tells us.

“This product has recently been taken off the shelves but not recalled.”

kmart product recall

Laura has been in contact with Kmart but the product has not yet been recalled. Photo: Facebook

A Kmart spokesperson confirmed that the product has been ‘withdrawn from sale’.

“We are concerned to hear of the issue relating to our baby circus fun bouncer and we have liaised directly with the customer. A full review is currently taking place,” the spokesperson told Be.

“At Kmart, we are committed to ensuring the safety of our customers and products we sell. Should customers have any enquiries relating to any of our products, please contact our customer service centre on 1800 124 125.”

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