Mum left fuming after cousin steals pregnancy announcement

An NSW woman is outraged after her husband’s cousin announced her pregnancy before she had a chance to.

Danielle felt the moment was “stolen” from her as they were planning to notify family and friends in the near future.

“My husband was going to tell his family any day now,” Danielle, who is also a mum of 17-month-old twins, told Kidspot.

She said that her husband received a Facebook message from his mum asking if Danielle was pregnant. As it turns out, the distant cousin broke the news to her family after she saw a Facebook comment from Danielle.

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Danielle didn't even know her husband's cousin that well. Photo: Facebook

“The post she saw was on a private Facebook group where we were trying to find a good home for a dog who we’d just adopted,” Danielle noted. “I said we can’t keep it as we have young kids and another on the way.”

The couple admitted they were pregnant, and that it wasn’t intentional to keep anyone out of the loop.

“They were hurt that they find out that way,” Danielle said. “We just wanted to make sure all was good at the 20-week scan. My immediate family sees me often so they kind of had to know from my bump.”


The couple were waiting for their 20wk scan before telling people. Photo: Getty

Danielle contacted the distant relative, who she’s only met twice before, and told her that she shouldn’t have told anyone without confirming the pregnancy. The cousin’s response?

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“Well you should be careful what you post on Facebook!’”

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“She didn’t even message me to confirm or anything – we could have miscarried by now and she had told everyone anyway without even confirming,” Danielle added. “I blocked her on Facebook so she could never do it again – it really hurt my feelings and I had a bit of a cry about it. I think she had absolutely no right to do that since we barely know her,” she says.

Danielle concluded that her cousin had no right to go around telling family especially without confirming,” she said.

“We still haven’t announced it publicly and hadn’t planned to either, we just wanted to keep our personal life private for now.”

Is it ever OK to announce a pregnancy for someone, before they do?

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