Clarks apologise for 'sexist' school shoe range

Their traditional shoe designs have been labelled 'dated' in the past, but it seems it's not just Clarks footwear that is behind the times.

Parents have slammed the shoe makers, calling them 'sexist' after they stocked a girls’ shoe range called ‘Dolly Babe’ and a boys’ line named ‘Leader’.

Clarks shoes have upset shoppers after releasing a 'sexist' range of school footwear. Source: AAP

Taking to social media, many shoppers expressed their horror at the "inequality" of the ranges for school kids offered by Clarks.

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It's not just the names of the shoes that have made parents see red, but also the designs, with the girls shoes being criticised for being 'flimsy' compared to the boys, which is made to withstand play and movement.

The boys range was called 'Leader' and was much sturdier than the girls. Source: AAP

One mum based in the UK, wrote a lengthy post about how "deeply angered" she was by the company's "persistent discrimination" that has since gone viral. Check it out below.

Following the backlash, the girls 'Dolly Babe' range, which featured shoes detailed with heart prints, has been withdrawn from the website and the retailler said it is removing the name from in-store products.

They said in a statement: "The Dolly Babe shoe is an old and discontinued line, with only remaining stock being sold through our stores.

“However, following customer feedback regarding the name, we have removed the shoe from sale online and are in the process of removing the name from the remaining stock in store, though this process will take time to complete.

“We are working hard to ensure our ranges reflect our gender-neutral ethos and we apologise for any unintended offence caused."

The 'Leader' footwear range however, remains for sale online.

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