The fad toy causing major problems for parents

Toy buyers beware: there’s a new gooey plaything on the market that has left some mums infuriated after becoming stuck on clothes, hair and furniture.

Kmart’s Slimy Super Brain Putty has left some parents hitting online forums in a bid to find ways to remove the goo, and the stains it leaves behind.

Melbourne mum Kylie Wilson took to Facebook after the putty became stuck to her daughter’s princess dress.

Kmart Slimy Super Brain Putty

Kylie posted a pic of her daughter's ruined dress to get tips on how to save it. Photo: Facebook

“It melted off with boiling water but has left a sticky residue behind. I have soaked it orange oil,” Kylie told Be. “I’m just glad it wasn’t in her hair!”

Kylie’s not the only mum battling with the Brain Putty.

Kmart toys

Beware: this putty will get stuck to everything. Photo:

“A friend of my sons gave him some to play with,” wrote one mum on Facebook. “I could not get it out of his pyjamas or the bed sheets. It came out of his hair three days later (and that was after repeated washing his hair). Stay away from this at all costs!”

Another mum revealed her frustration when her son hid some putty on the hanging rail of her walk-in wardrobe.

Kmart toys putty stain

Not only does this stick, it stains as well. Photo:

“I was getting an outfit organised for an upcoming wedding and pulled out the dress I wanted to wear there was white and green slime everywhere,” she wrote. “Several other dresses had slime all over them too. Some of them were able to be saved through dry cleaning but I lost about a $1000 dollars worth of dresses that couldn't be saved.

For those mums who have fallen foul of the sticky goo, some have suggested freezing it, using vinegar, rubbing alcohol, or soaking it in Coke to try and dissolve the substance.

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Kylie admits she doesn’t mind her daughter playing with the putty, but urges other parents to keep an eye on their kids if they have bought the toy.

“My daughter has learnt a lot from it, it’s tactile, stretchy and it bounces,” says Kylie. “She is really into science at the moment, so it has been good for her. You just have to be careful where they play with it.”

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