Make-up addict mum applies cosmetics during labour

A new mum who never leaves the house without make-up has revealed hilarious pictures of her applying a full face of cosmetics while in the middle of a gruelling 52-hour labour.

Claire Hutchins had been in labour for 40 hours when she caught a glimpse of her reflection during the birth of her son Jaxx last month, and decided applying make-up would help her “feel more human”.

"I was just trying to do anything to keep myself awake and to keep my spirits up. I never leave the house without a full face of make-up,” said Claire.

Claire Hutchins applies make-up during labour

Forget pushing, it was all about Claire's face situation during her labour. Photo: Mercury Press

"I caught a glimpse of myself in the tap and I asked my partner [boyfriend Beau Thompson] to pass me my make-up. I didn't need any blusher as I was already quite pink.

"The midwife thought it was quite funny but friends and family who saw it thought it was 'typical Claire'.

Despite pals telling her she wouldn’t care how she looked during labour, the 27-year-old from Kent put herself through a full grooming regime the week before her baby was due.

Woman applies make-up during labour

False eyelashes, manicure, pedicure: Claire had it all. Photo: Mercury Press

"I had already prepared beforehand by getting my eyelashes, nails and pedicure done, though the birthing pool didn't do much for my fake tan,” says Claire.

"I'm not going to lie, I didn't stay that pristine the whole time but it definitely helped me feel better about myself."

After being awake during labour for three days, Claire insists putting make-up on was just the pick-me-up she needed.

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"Beau was surprised when I asked him to hand me my make-up in the pool, hence why he took the picture.

"By that point I had been in labour for about 40 hours when the picture was taken and I had only just been given gas and air and had been allowed to get into the pool

Woman make-up during birth

Claire never goes without a full face of make-up - even when she's giving birth. Photo: Mercury Press

For Claire, who first started wearing make-up to cover up acne as a teenager, putting on cosmetics had always helped her feel better in the past.

And if the mum-of-two does end up having another baby, it’s likely her make-up bag will sit pride of place in her birthing suite again.

"If I have more children I don't think it would be any different,” she says.

- Additional reporting by Caters News.

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