Mum’s fight for life after unborn baby kicks hole in womb

A 35-week pregnant woman has nearly died after her baby girl kicked her so hard she tore a hole in her mum’s womb.

The woman, known as Zhang, was taken to Peking University Shenzhen Hospital in southern China earlier this month, after she had been suffering from severe stomach pains for five hours.

Initially believing she just had a stomach ache, the mum underwent ultrasounds, with doctors shocked to see one of her baby’s legs had "kicked through" her uterus and was in her abdominal cavity.

Woman nearly dies after baby kicks hole in her womb

Ultrasounds showed the baby's foot poking into her mum's abdomen. Photo: Peking University Shenzen Hospital

Reports claim the foetus’ leg had opened a wound on Zhang’s uterus wall left by an operation last year to remove a fibroid.

After the dangerous discovery, doctors rushed the mum into surgery for an emergency caesarean, with fears the baby could be at risk of infection.

Mum's baby kicks hole in her uterus

Photos posted by the hospital appeared to show the mum's uterus. Photo: Peking University Shenzen Hospital

The baby was safely delivered, with Zhong Shilin, a doctor at the hospital's obstetrics department, revealing the mum had a seven centimetre tear in her womb, with her amniotic sac broken with fluid in her abdomen.

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The EyeShenzen reports the mum had fallen pregnant six months after her surgery, with experts recommending women should wait at least a year before trying to have a baby,

Despite the dramatic delivery, mum and baby are said to be doing well.

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