Mum trolled after warning parents over Halloween make-up

One Queensland mum has been targeted trolls after she posted a Facebook warning to other parents after Halloween make-up left her son’s skin “angry” and “red”.

Mum trolled after warning parents over Halloween make-up

Mum trolled after warning parents over Halloween make-up

The mum-of-three bought the $4 make-up from Woolworths, and was shocked after her son Mckenzie suffered a severe reaction after having it on his face for three minutes during a trial run.

“Mckenzie complained about his skin hurting and feeling itchy, he had started to wipe it away with a cotton face washer which revealed his angry red skin,” the mum told Be.

Halloween face paint Woolworths

Mackenzie had the face paint on for just three minutes. Photo: Facebook

“I then put him in the shower and contacted 13 HEALTH [hotline] which advised to administer an antihistamine.

“The redness and chemical burn came down. I continued to check on him throughout the night. It had calmed down the next day though he was still itchy but carried on playing as usual.”

Halloween face paint

The mum admits there wasn't any lasting damage, but wants to warn other parents out there. Photo: Facebook

The Toowoomba mum, who now wishes not to be identified, took to Facebook to warn other parents, revealing she did a skin test before painting her son’s face.

However, despite her best intentions to warn other parents, she was taken aback when she became the target of trolls.

“Comments like I should be sterilised, assuming I’m from a poor socio economic background so I purchased cheap paints, that I'm money hungry [and run] to the media wanting ten second fame,” the mum revealed to Be.

“I made a poor choice in product but definitely didn't expect the abuse or parents making out that I have nil common sense when it comes to the safety of my child.”

Facebook trolls Woolworths Halloween

The mum-of-three was shocked to be targeted by trolls over her Facebook post. Photo: Facebook

Despite the experience, the mum has revealed Woolworths have been “nothing but supportive and extremely caring” since her post, with the supermarket telling 7 News this was the first complaint they had received over the make-up.

"We always work hard with our suppliers to ensure all products supplied meet the safety and quality standards our customers expect,” a spokesperson said.

"This product has gone through thorough testing with our supplier, and customers should be assured that it meets our stringent quality standards."

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