Could you spot this boy's call for help while visiting Santa?

While many children scream and cry when they visit Santa for the first time, this boy had his own unique way of letting his mum know he wasn’t impressed with the man in the big red suit.

Kerry Spencer took to her Twitter page to share a photo of her son, Samuel, sitting on a throne with Father Christmas a couple of years ago.

And while Samuel may look like he’s perfectly happy perched next to Santa, his hand signals are actually saying something completely different.

Sign language visiting Santa

A mum has shared her son's subtle sign he's not comfortable with his visit to Santa. Photo: Twitter/Kerry Spencer

“We taught our baby sign language,” Kerry started the Twitter post.

“This is the sign for "help." You're welcome.”

The photo has already been liked over 18,000 times with people commending the mum for teaching her son sign language.

“My brother learned some sign language in the 1970s when he was preschool age. Great way to communicate. Sweet picture,” one mum said.

“It's wonderful that you had such insight! Something I have said for many years, everyone should learn sign at School,” another person said.

Another commenter also posted a picture of her own daughter’s rude gesture while visiting Santa.

‘Our daughter’s been learning too,” she captioned the snap, showing her daughter pointing her middle finger at the camera.

Speaking to The Mirror, Kerry said Samuel, who is now 11-years-old, learned how to use sign language so he could let his parents know when he felt anxious in a situation.

"It's ASL baby sign (simple baby sign language), so he is slightly 'mispronouncing' the word, but it is the sign he always made when he needed help,” Kerry said.

"Poor boy didn't love Santa very much – ever really. So we didn't try to get him to go much after that.”

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