Parents lose it over Peppa Pig’s ‘real’ face

Kristine Tarbert

The ‘real’ face of popular children's TV character Pepper Pig has been revealed and it’s not pretty.

Parents have dubbed it ‘the stuff of nightmares’ after an illustrator shared on Twitter what Peppa Pig would look like if shown front on.

In the television series the character is only ever seen in profile, with one rosy cheek and both her eyes visible, while her body remains facing forward.

This is what Peppa Pig looks like on TV. Photo: Peppa Pig
What she looks like front on, according to an illustrator. Photo: twitter

But now someone has decided to get creative and draw Peppa’s rather not flattering angle and parents are shocked by the almost ‘mutant-looking’ result.

He then added colour, making it even more terrifying.

The post has attracted over 76,000 retweets and almost 700 comments, with most agreeing they will never be able to look at Peppa Pig the same again.

These are just some of the best reactions by horrified parents.

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