Parents mortified by five-year-old’s homework confession

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Children can be incredibly frank, but this little girl’s honest drawing of her family shocked even her own mother.

Natalie Fowler, 33, was embarrassed when a teacher showed her five-year-old Isla's homework, which detailed how she ‘hates’ her family and finds them ‘annoying’.

Natalie was approached by Isla’s laughing teacher in the playground who asked if she had read her daughter’s homework – which was a task to practise the ‘oy’ sounds.

So she immediately surveyed it and found that Isla had written that she hated her dad, and that her mum, sister, and dog annoyed her.

This is the piece of homework Natalie came home to. Photo: Caters

Despite the initial shock, Natalie now finds her daughter’s homework hilarious and Isla has vouched that she didn’t mean what she wrote.

“The teacher came up to me in the playground, laughing, and asked me if I’d seen Isla’s work,” Isla recounts.

“She told me it was brilliant and that she didn’t know how to mark it, even though she had used the ‘oy’ sounds correctly.

“When I asked Isla about it she was just sat and laughing, so I started laughing too – but then I had to ask her if she meant what she said.

“She told me she didn’t, but ‘annoying’ was the only ‘oy’ sound she could write – but I’m not sure why the comment about her dad was there!”

She reckons it was a very uncharacteristic thing for her daughter to say. Photo: Caters

Natalie has since seen the funny side, after being the butt of everyone’s joke.

“When I went back in to school the next day myself, the teachers had a good laugh about it, as Isla really isn’t the type of girl to write anything like that,” she says.

“Everyone I’ve shown the work to has thought that it was hilarious. It’s definitely her funniest piece of homework yet!”

Funnier still are the two spelling mistake made by the teacher at the bottom of the paper...

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