Paris 'concerned for Blanket's welfare'

Alicia Vrajlal

Paris Jackson is "very worried" for her younger brother Blanket, 15, who is reportedly living on his own in Los Angeles.

Sources tell TMZ that the 19-year-old daughter of late musician Michael Jackson is concerned that her brother, whose given named is Prince Michael II, is "living without real family" as he stays at grandmother Katherine Jackson's home by himself.

Blanket's legal guardians are Katherine and Joe Jackson and their grandson (and Blanket's cousin) TJ, 38.

Paris Jackson is apparently very worried for her younger brother Blanket, 15, who is reportedly living on his own in Los Angeles. Source: Getty

However, Katherine has reportedly not been to the house since January, and TJ and his wife only visit, but don't actually stay on the property.

Sources tell TMZ that Paris is not happy with her aunt Rebbie, who she believes is keeping grandmother Katherine away from Michael Jackson's children.

Paris and her 20-year-old brother Prince have enjoyed bigger public profiles in recent years, and Paris has been more open with the media as she continues forging a modelling career.

L to R: Siblings Blanket, Paris and Prince pictured in 2012. Source: Getty

In an interview with Rolling Stone in January, the teenager claimed her father Michael was murdered, and that she has considered committing suicide several times after being raped when she was just 14.

She said she believes Michael's death in 2009 was a "setup".

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"He would drop hints about people being out to get him. And at some point he was like, 'They're gonna kill me one day'," Paris told the publication.

"It's obvious. All arrows point to that. It sounds like a total conspiracy theory and it sounds like bulls***, but all real fans and everybody in the family knows it. It was a setup. It was bulls***," she added.

Paris' superstar singer father died in June 2009 as a result of a cardiac arrest caused by a combination of prescription drugs.

Michael Jackson died in June 2009 from cardiac arrested caused by a combination of prescription drugs - pictured here in May 2009. Source: Getty

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