Paris Jackson to walk down the aisle?

Liz Tse

It looks like Paris Jackson won't be a teen bride after all. Well at least any time soon.

The 18-year-old went on Twitter to clarify rumours she was engaged to her boyfriend, Michael Snoddy.

"I think if I were engaged I would be the first to know, how am I just now finding out about this?," she questioned.

Well, she's got a point.

Paris Jackson and Michael Snoddy. Source: Getty Images.

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She continued: "So many marriage and pregnancy rumors just in the past 3 years. Literally???

"What's next, me running for president? My boyfriend and I become super villains and try to take over the world? Come on now."

Yesterday it was reported by Radar Online that the daughter of the late Michael Jackson was to tie the knot with her beau.

Paris started dating Michael, 26, earlier this year after she split from her ex-lover Chester Castellaw last December.

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